iOS App Store is invitation only

1. Send us your Apple ID (email use on your iOS device), so we can register you as tester
2. Send your Apple ID to [email protected]
3. In your device, go to Apple store, search for "TestFlight" app, download and install it
4. Once you have "TestFlight" app installed, open it and you will see the WordlBit app
5. Download the app via "TestFlight" app
6. Run the app once installed

Get Started or

Get Started

Easy To Use

Rather than confusing, hard-to-remember addresses, WorldBit utilizes an intuitive username system that is both familiar and secure.

Decentralized Marketplace

Finally, something to spend your crypto on. Take control of your coin by selling your goods and services in our market, only available to WorldBit holders.

Future Proof

We are working on a hybrid token similar to the IICO token (Buterin and Teusch) with elements of the Bancor weighted token and setting up our valuebit exchange for this class of token. This will enable tokens to act differently in different locations according to a registry of rules and local laws.

A User Friendly Focus

You don’t need to be a programmer to understand and use our intuitive Smart Wallet. Our features are optimized for any level of user.


WordBit creates a regulatory token solution for authorizing different behavior or capabilities of the token based on source and target legal jursidcitions.

Use Tokens for Mining

WorldBit is acquiring a mining farm and blocks of tokens to serve ValueBit exchange, where you can use WBT tokens to purchase mining hashrate if you are clear to own unregulated security tokens in your jurisdiction.

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Incentive to Buyer, Seller and Affiliates

In the WorldBit peer-to-peer Augmented Reality (AR) array, the decentralized supply chain can be instantly visualilzed and expanded by anyone. Think of it as Pokemon Go or Ingress where You deploy the portals, not a company. If you have any questions, you can reach me at [email protected] thanks!

With WorldBit, you simply type in the product or service you want and specify the price range and desired distance.

WorldBit does the rest.

Buyers are notified when they are near products or services that they are seeking. Buyers and sellers then communicate using a chat system on the mobile app, using the GPS system when products or services nearby. What they want to find can even be moving around!


WorldBit makes it possible, for the first time, to freely walk down a street and add vendor after vendor to an online mall, add their products or services to the directory, and permit them to be contacted through the Internet or even if they are offline!

WorldBit Merchandise is Tokenized Using a Click-through legal agreement

WorldBit functions like a pawn shop where you control your pledged goods. WorldBit gives you tokens in advance for consigning merchandise into the system, and then the remaining balance when you successfully deliver your products. If there is a sales agent, they get their percentage at the time the product is sold. At that time, everyone rates each other to build up the trust in the system and the users.

Smart contracts can do what banks never can, and that is guarantee real-time release of funds only under signature of certain parties based on certain circumstances.

WorldBit aims to facilitate mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by solving this problem.

Distributed smart contracts replace Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. with an Augmented Reality transaction system accelerating sales using tokens of intrinsic value. The tokens are of intrinsic value because they are denominated in real goods. WorldBit renovate the entire rental, leasing, auction, pawn, and affiliate marketing industries. Our goal is to have 2% of the world’s assets listed in the WorldBit system.

Decentralization And KYC


There is no way around KYC for there to be a safe place for users to do business. This isn’t a political platform, it’s not an ideology, it is not a forum for thieves to gather. It is a place to safely buy and sell things. Therefore this is not fully a cypherpunk ideals project- it is built with a mindframe of Business 101 and could be seen as a hybrid crypto company. It is a community of trusted parties that do what they say, and that can be verified. It is not a company in search of a use for a token, and its tokens hold a mandate to provide intrinsic value.

We are using business methods and business thinking by business people to establish an exit strategy for you the investors, like any fiduciary should consider. We are using a methodology of acquiring other companies and coin systems as our business model.

WorldBit provides a decentralized marketplace with built-in measures to ensure that the market environment is safe for both buyer and seller. Users are created through a KYC process from the onset to encourage responsible use of the system.

Users then create sales “portals” and “objects” which are deployed on a GPS grid and are navigated in a mobile application.

Our balanced approach towards decentralization and KYC is important for both rating buyers and sellers, as well as determining legality of products within jurisdictions.

Multi-Blockchain Asset Support

The WorldBit Coin blockchain stows assets across multiple blockchains. WorldBit is currently built from Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens with stowage of key info in an encrypted blockchain on ipfs, SiaCoin and Amazon EC2.

Decentralised Security Smart Contract (DSS)

You are the holder of the DSS key and in full control of your funds in your control panel. You can fine tune your security settings at anytime for the smart contracts. From spending limits to withdraw settings, this is all controlled by our open source token management system for business.

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The platform connects assets and businesses on blockchains to the real-world in a decentralized manner. Developers can develop security smart contract modules, businesses can connect their users and usecase to real world payments.

Team Members

Stuart Trusty
Stuart works as commercial developer of emerging digital technology. Stuart had the 3rd ISP in Seattle, Washington, was founding technologist of Alibaba, and operated one of the first commercial Linux development companies in 1994. Stuart also developed commercial mesh network WIFI.
Sanjiv Gupta
Sanjiv Gupta is a core business professional, bears with 39 years of experience in multi stream, multi domain, global multinational enterprises. Having started his career from the ground level in 1978, including a German multinational and businesses listed in NYSE, he had led from the front.
Mahesh Sharma
Mahesh Sharma is today recognized globally as a visionary leader who has inspired countless people across the globe to build large sales organization and write their own success story. Mahesh realized the importance of internet as a driving force to facilitate online marketing, the power of ecommerce and digital currency.
Nicholus Andrews
Nicholus is a veteran of the computer industry, and developed high performance computing technology solutions for the US Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DoE), and Private Sector. Nick is a big data algorithm specialist, and the proprietor of an extensive broad-based digital marketing platform.
Claudio Torres
Claudio is a senior software engineer, with a Master degree in computer systems, and more than 30 years experience in the software development industry. He worked head of development for leading companies like Siemens, ABB, Renault, and Motorola.
Coinfabrik has more than 20 years of experience building and reviewing security applications, and is active in the cryptocurrency field. They have designed new bitcoin-related cryptocurrency protocols and discovered and reported various security vulnerabilities.
JinHyung Lee
JinHyung is a blockchain/cryptocurrency developer with full-stack capability. He is technical lead and software architect. He has worked across all layers of modern web applications, from database to server-side and client-side applications.He has experience with reliable & scalable SaaS applications.
Denis Kuzminets
Director of Security
Denis is an enthusiastic Linux/Cloud Administrator with emphasis on high-load systems. He has a degree in Cyber Security, and 10+ years of experience in the field. He works as a security professional, and helps many businesses all over the world to build and to maintain scalable and reliable solutions.